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Watch video clips of the first edition of the European Institute of Jewish Music’s Gala Concert, “Jewish music in all its states”, which was given November 8, 2015 in Adyar Theater in Paris, in front of an enthusiastic audience of 350 people, with the support of the Henriette Halphen Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français.

In the first part of the concert we heard Martine Bailly, (cello), Philippe Cuper (clarinet), Yun-Yang Lee (piano), Florin Szigeti (violin) and Ralph Szigeti (alto) perform works from the classical repertoire, such asthe Feuillet d’album for piano, Andante religioso for cello and piano and the 1st movement of the Sonate for piano and violin by Fernand Halphen, the 2nd Suite Sefardie for piano and alto by Alberto Hemsi (french creation), the Petite suite klezmer for clarinet and piano by Serge Kaufmann and the beautiful Nocturne Ville d’Avrayen for piano, violin, alto and cello by George Enescu (world creation in its original version).

The second part was dedicated to the popular folkloric Jewish music. The singer Keren Esther and guitarist Narciso Saúl gave us the opportunity to discover a repertoire of judeo-spanish songs, and more precisely, judeo-moroccan.Then Yerushe, formed by Eléonore Biezunski (voice and violin), Stephen Harrison (double bass), Michel Schick (clarinet) et Piotr Odrekhivskyy (accordion), let us hear with deep feelings of a repertoire of unheard Yiddish songs, saved from oblivion by great collectors such as Ruth Rubin (1906-2000), Moïshe Beregovski (1892-1961) and Zusman Kisselgof (1878-1939).

Order the sheet music or CD’s of the different works performed in the concert

Program of the IEMJ 2015 Gala Concert (in french)

1st part :
00:29​ Deuxième suite Sefardie, pour piano et alto – Alberto Hemsi
02:28​ Sonate pour piano et violon, 1er mouvement – Fernand Halphen
06:25​ Petite Suite Klezmer – Serge Kaufmann
15:28​ Nocture Ville d’Avray – Georges Enesco
2nd part:
00:09 A la Bajada del tren (traditionnel – Maroc)
01:45 Yo m’enamori (traditionnel – Balkan)
04:18 Esther mi bien(traditionnel – Maroc)
06:54 Morenika – (traditionnel – Turquie)
10:25 Yo me levantaria un lunes /Day de cenar (traditionnel – Maroc)
3rd part:
00:15​ A Volich
01:52​ Skotchne
05:13​ Yoyne Hanoyvi
08:12​ Redl n°7
09:13​ Fin mayn mamelyu
12:18​ Meydelekh un vaybelekh

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