Jewish music and cuisine

June 20, 2019, in the Cercle Bernard Lazare, Festival of Jewish Culture 2019

An audiovisual conference hosted by Hervé Roten about songs speaking of the culinary specialties from Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, Oriental and Israeli traditions

Jewish cuisine is a language in itself. Substratum of the Jewish mother, it feeds the children of their traumas and roots them into their Jewish identity. All these dishes we loved or hated, we speak of them with fervor, after our 40 years. Our mother’s borekas, her marvelous chopped liver, her delicious couscous, all of them bring us back to a blessed childhood when life was simple : either we ate what was in front of us, either we were responsible for the immediate death of our mother !

But Jewish cuisine isn’t only guilt, it is also pleasure of the mouth. So much that many artists sing it with humor and nostalgia. From the recipe of the gefilte fish to the Turkish berencena, there are hundreds of songs that we can taste with joy, without gaining weight !

With a lot of humor, Hervé Roten delivers the secrets of Jewish gastronomy through Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish and Oriental songs.

In partnership with the Cercle Bernard Lazare

Watch the three videos screened during the conference

Watch the conference: Jewish music and cuisine

Music samples used :
– Maman, petite maman – Astrid Ruff
– Levivot – Song from Chanukah
– Hag Pourim – Song from Purim
– Tsur Michelo Akhalnou – Kossi Revaya
– Le couscous du vendredi soir – Astid Ruff

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