Singing the prayers in the Algiers’ ritual

Performed by Zabulon Sebban (1911 - 1983)

Listen to a selection of prayers performed by Zabulon Sebban (1911-1983), cantor from 1927 to 1961 in Algiers’ Great Temple

As a teenager, Zabulon Sebban followed the Rabbinic Seminary « Ets Haïm » of Algiers, and had as classmates the future great Rabbis Meyer Jaïs (Paris), and Simon Morali (Nancy then Nice). From his teachers, (the great Rabbi Dayan Isaac Hanoune, the great Rabbis Loufrani and Isaac Morali), he acquired a deep knowledge of the sacred texts, as well as a fondness for study.

Volunteer cantor from 1927 to 1961 at the Grand Temple in Algiers, then at the small synagogue in rue Sainte, he excelled in the traditional liturgy. Singing and teaching at the same time was what he did especially when he expressed, by silence or rhythm, a particular word (or even a syllable) in a sentence, which was particularly important for the best understanding of the prayer. His soft voice, warm and modulated, let us see the origins of the melodies: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algiers …

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