The EIJM’s Gala Concert – 5th edition – From the synagogue to the opera : Jacques Offenbach and friends

Affiche concert gala IEMJ 2019

With the support of the Fondation Henriette Halphen, under the aegis of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français


SUNDAY 17th NOVEMBER 2019, 17 :30

Salle Cortot – 78 rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris


From the synagogue à l’opéra : Jacques Offenbach and friends

Original Hebrew works by Isaac and Jacques Offenbach, Jacques Fromental Halévy, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Jules Erlanger and Emile Jonas

By the Truite Lyrique  Ensemble conducted by Hector Sabo




Few music lovers know that Jacques Offenbach, called by Rossini “the Mozart of the Champs Elysées”, drew some of his musical inspiration upon the synagogue chanting he learned as a child from his father Isaac Offenbach (1779-1850), musician, cantor and composer of religious music in the Cologne synagogue, in Germany. At the time of his arrival in Paris in 1833, and throughout his career, Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880) collaborated with other composers, who, like he, evolved from sacred synagogue music to high level lyrical art, that overtook the Parisian scene of the 19th century.

On the occasion of the bicentenary of birth of Jacques Offenbach, the 5th edition of the European Institute of Jewish Music’s Gala Concert, which will take place salle Cortot (Paris), on the 17th of November 2019 at 17h30, will present an original program entitled : « From the synagogue to the opera : Jacques Offenbach and friends ». One will hear several synagogal chorals by Jacques and Isaac Offenbach, as well as original or misknowned Hebrew works by composers friends with him, such as Jacques Fromental Halévy (Parisian creation by De profundis / Mimaamakim commissioned in 1820 by Louis XVIII for the death of his nephew the Duke of Berry), Giacomo Meyerbeer, Jules Erlanger or Émile Jonas.

From the synagogue’s podium to the stage of the opera or operette, from synagogal chants to lyrical and light music, there is often only one dance step…

Concert followed by a glass of friendship with the artists (only for the silver and golden tickets).

Fees : 15 €* – 25 € – 50 €** – 100 €** – 200 €**
* Fee for members of EIJM with their membership updated (limited number of tickets) – Purchasable only by bank check ordered to IEMJ, 29 rue Marcel Duchamp – 75013 Paris
** with receipt Cerfa on the donation part, which represents the price of the ticket minus 15 €
(Example : for a 100 € ticket, a Cerfa receipt of 85 € will be given)

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Practical information:
SALLE CORTOT, Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, 78 rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris
Tél : (0)1 47 63 47 48

Métro : ligne 3, station Malesherbes | ligne 2, station Monceau
Bus : lignes 31, 94 | Voiture : parking Villiers, 14 avenue de Villiers | Taxi : station au 155 bd Malesherbes
Vélib’ : 64 rue de Tocqueville ou 20 rue de Phalsbourg

Download the previsionnal concert’s program above (in French)

Download the flyer

logo_faire_un_don-2.jpgYou can also support the European Institute of Jewish Music wit an online donation. (A Cerfa receipt will be delivered). 


Watch video excerpts of the concert


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